February 11, 2016

Kolkata International Book Fair 2016

I love the book fair. I suppose it's one of those things about Kolkata I'll surely miss if and when I ever move away. It's honestly the literal definition of an sea ocean of books.

(Might I brag a little and say that it's the world's largest non-trade book fair? Oui.)

So last weekend, my friend and I made plans on a whim to visit the fair before it ends.

(We originally planned to go on Friday but err... I slept in. In my defence, I've been pulling all-nighters everyday for a month. #StudentLife)

We bought a map to navigate through the huge maze of the fair i.e Milan Mela. It's HUGE. Like Triwizard Tournament's Third Task huge. And a maze. (Imagine 100+ book stalls engulfing you from every side.)

Alas, we lost the map. So ofcourse, we got another one. And lost that one too.

(I know, we're amazing!)

Me: "You know what, fuck the map. We'll find our own damn way."

And so off we went.

My go-to section in every stall was undoubtedly YA (below is the proof).

Mangas, anyone?

Like I said, too many books of every kind and language you can imagine. Too many.

We took a small eating break and stuffed ourselves with ice-creams and pizza and coke.

And just when we thought we had seen (almost) everything the fair had to offer, we came across the art corner. Lines and lines of handicrafts - each one being freshly painted after the next.

What did I buy?

Nothing. I bought nothing!

I went to a book fair and bought zero books because I swore to be on a book-buying ban since October 2015. (Can you imagine my willpower?)

But oui, I didn't buy ANY books. My friend bought 5, and I being an amazing pal, volunteered to carry her monster books.

P.S I'm saving up just enough money to buy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (and the sequels to all my fave books coming out in 2016). WINK.


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