December 01, 2015

Book Review: Windmills of the Gods

I've decided to take a little break from my travel posts. I thought, "I shan't make this boring. I must write about things and not just my awesome vacation because it WILL get boring".

And so today, the very wonderful Noor from Noor's Place is taking over my blog (spoiler alert: I really really reaally adore this guurl). She's sharing her thoughts on one of her favourite books, and I am so excited! YAY. *throws confetti*

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Hello One Tiny Wish's readers,

I am Noor Unnahar. 18 years old blogger, blog + graphic designer & an occasional poet with an immense love for writing. I'm in the final year of college, after that I'll go to the business school for my bachelors. So excited to be guest posting for my blog gurrl!!!

Since Somdyuti & I share the same passion for reading, today I have an exciting review of one of my favorite reads. Windmills of the Gods by Sidney Sheldon. I am a HUGE fan of his books. I have read almost all of his books. No doubt, he's my top favorite author. I would pick up any of his books & buy it without even looking at the prologue. For I know, it will be worth it.

She's on the glinting edge of East-West confrontation, a beautiful and accomplished scholar who has suddenly become our newest ambassador to an Iron Curtain country, a woman who is about to dramatically change the course of world events — if she lives.

For Mary Ashley has been marked for death by the world's most proficient and mysterious assassin, and plunged into a nightmare of espionage, kidnapping, and terror. Here, only two people — both powerfully attractive and ultimately enigmatic men - can offer her help. And one of them wants to kill her.

Sidney Sheldon's books always portray an admirable female protagonist & this book was no exception. This book is mainly a political thriller, filled with a handful of historical and political info of the early 90s.

The story revolves around Mary Ashley's family life: how she manages to move from a small town where she was a professor in a university to Washington where she's an Ambassador. Also, her life and all the dangers that lie ahead in Romania (where she's appointed as an ambassador) and among so many enemies and frenemies.

This book is a twisted mix of thrill, struggle and clever strategies and of cruel murders.

One thing about Sidney Sheldon's books is so obvious: you can't suspect anyone till the very end. I learned this lesson the hard way. All my wild guesses would go wrong. But if you suspect the most friendly character in the book, then he's most likely to be the culprit. Trust me on this one, bud!

windmills of the gods, sidney sheldon, windmills of the gods review, sidney sheldon books

The best thing about this story is the international (see also: very sharp) murderer who is hired by high-profile agencies and personalities to get their dirty work done AKA get their enemies out of their way.

The way the murderer does the job - it's astonishing. There will be more than one killing in the book, so brace yourself already.

Windmills of the Gods is a fast-paced, gripping full-of-action read. A lot of things are happening all at once, which sort of jumbled my mind, to be honest. But it didn't stop me from finishing it within two sittings. #BookaholicsProblems

windmills of the gods, sidney sheldon, windmills of the gods review, sidney sheldon books

If you're into brilliant crime + political reads and do not mind a bunch of history included in the story, it's a perfect read for you.

NOOR'S RATINGS: 5/5 (omg go, read it!)

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Have you read this book? If not, which is your favorite Sidney Sheldon book?

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