November 12, 2015

Hello Snowy Sonmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Our second day in Jammu & Kashmir began with a trip to Sonmarg (about 2 hours car ride from Srinagar). We left bright and early in the morning while it was still drizzling.

We stopped briefly at a roadside Punjabi dhaba to have our breakfast. The dhaba was, quite conveniently, located on the banks of river Jammu. There's something about having hot tea and pakoras on a rainy day, all the while taking in the beauty of the river that flowed by.

sonmarg, kashmir, srinagar, india, river jammu,

Stuffed and happy, we were in the car once again, and zooming past forests and villages and dusty roads and wide open fields.

FUN FACT: The only other thing we were more thrilled to see that day than Sonmarg, was snowfall. We had never seen snow. Or experienced a snowfall. So obviously, it VERY HIGH on our bucket-list.

Apparently, Sonmarg had just received the season's first snowfall the day before. #YAY

Before we knew, the forests changed to mountains on both sides, and the drizzle changed to light snowflakes. I repeat, SNOWFLAKES.

It was snowing. For real. In Sonmarg.

We were ecstatic!

We stopped briefly at a place to change into heavy coats. We took another car all the up to the Thajiwas Glacier (about 3km car ride).

And, ohdearheaven, what a view that was!

sonmarg, kashmir, snowfall, india, thajiwas glacier

sonmarg, kashmir, snowfall, india, thajiwas glacier

No word or photo will EVER do justice to the beauty we were greeted with.

Imagine a HUGE field - the kind where you cannot make out its beginning or the end. No matter where you look or how far you look, it's all you can see. The field.

Now imagine the field with snow. Each and every inch of it.

W H I T E.

Nope, I ain't exaggerating!

It was a snowy glacier with snowy hillocks and snow-covered trees and a frozen pond.

Oh, and we rode a sledge too.

sonmarg, kashmir, snowfall, india, thajiwas glacier, snowy pine trees

sonmarg, kashmir, snowfall, india, thajiwas glacier, frozen pond

sonmarg, kashmir, snowfall, india, thajiwas glacier, snowy pine trees

You might ask now:

"Did I make a snowman?" - Nope.

"Did I play with snow?" - Not exactly either.

"What the hell did I actually do then?" - Well ehhh I experienced a bad breathing trouble because of all the running and climbing hillocks and obviously, high altitude.

So yeah, I kind of spoiled the fun for my parents (because we had to return immediately).

"Were they pissed with me?" - Oh, you have no idea!

It wasn't quite how we wanted to enjoy Sonmarg.

But, oh well... atleast we saw snow. LOTS OF IT.

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