October 11, 2015

TV Shows I'm Watching: Fall 2015

This is my favourite time of the whole year because-

a. October is my birthday month.
b. Durga Puja aka month-long Puja vacation. No school/college.
c. Loads of new and old TV shows.
d. New book releases.

Apparently, I always become the most unsocial person this time around every year.

But this year I'm 1000x more excited because, not only will I be enjoying all of the things mentioned above (duh) but I am also going on a 2 weeks vacation to Kashmir end-October. I'm so excited I may die! *jumps up and down*

Although before I leave, I plan to catch up with a lot of new and old TV shows.

This fall, I'm planning to watch a total of 12 TV shows (don't judge me, please).

4 out of them are new shows that I'm really excited about because AAHHHHHEEKKK they look so amazing! And also, all my favourite old shows are coming back with new seasons and ohmygod I'm so happy! I'm also looking forward to 3 very popular TV shows that have been my must-watch list for a LONG time.

(Better grab yourself a snack because this is gonna be a long long post.)


I'm not a very big fan of Priyanka Chopra but I still have very high hopes about Quantico. So far I've watched only the first 2 episodes and errr... I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. It has a vague Homeland meets How To Get Away With Murder vibe to it. But I'm still hoping to be proved wrong because, why not?

Basically, the show has a dual past/present storyline. We have Alex Parrish who's a FBI trainee and then she gets accused of blasting Grand Central. So she's on the run because apparently, she's being framed by the "real terrorist". In case you're wondering, Quantico is the name of the tough-ass FBI trainee camp aka Ground Zero.

PREMIERE: September 27, 2015


Can we take a moment to talk about how totally badass the trailer is. SO WOW! I haven't stopped fangirling since I saw this trailer because I am S-O-L-D. Obviously I have very very veeery high hopes about Blindspot. What can I say, I'm a crime/thriller TV show junkie. Like seriously, a show about a mysterious tattooed woman whose body *may* be a clue to future crimes?! Um, hells yeah! Bring it on.

PREMIERE: September 21, 2015


Is it just me or people can't seem to shut up about Scream Queens? Just kidding. I'm really excited to watch this show. It's sort of a horror comedy thriller show. To be honest though, I found the trailer slightly lame-ish, but I'm still gonna give it a go because... EMMA ROBERTS! She's my girl-crush and I love love love her. So I'm gonna watch Scream Queens, if only for her.

PREMIERE: September 22, 2015


Here's something you should know about me: I don't read comics. I don't like superheroes (except Spiderman because.. Tobey Maguire *swoon*). So my knowledge about Superman, in this case, is very limited. If you ask me, "Who is Superman?" my answer will ALWAYS be "a certain handsome Brandon Routh who works at a newspaper and flies a lot and saves lives. Also, he wears a red underwear inside-out (I still don't get why?)".

Ergo, the fact that Superman has a (cousin) sister was very alien to me. Does that mean I won't watch the show? Nah, ofcourse I will (even though it looks totally ridiculous). Beside, Supergirl has 2 of my favourite actresses ever - Calista Flockhart aka Ally McBeal and Chyler Leigh aka Dr. Lexi Grey. YAY.



Sighh do I even need to tell you how OBSESSED I am with Grey's Anatomy (proof: it's on my sidebar and bio). I love this show as much as I love Harry Potter. I mean, this is the mother of ALL medical dramas and I will defend this show to my death. And I've been dying to watch the new season because season 11 finale was THE MOST HORRIBLE AND PAINFUL thing ever (if you know what I mean). Seriously, go watch this show!

PREMIERE: September 24, 2015

You can stop counting the seconds! The official #GreysAnatomy Season 12 trailer is here! #TGIT returns Thursday, September 24th at 8|7c.
Posted by Grey's Anatomy on Thursday, September 17, 2015


I'm a Shonda Rhimes junkie. I'm not even kidding! My obsession with her shows (Grey's Anatomy, HTGAWM) is very unhealthy. And right now, How To Get Away With Murder has ruined my life and my brain because PLOT TWISTS. I love this show so much my head hurts. Even the murders and plot twists and everything else. Also, Viola Davis is Queen Badass. She's incredible! I love her.

(If you haven't watched Season 1, please don't watch Season 2 promo below because duh- spoilers.)

PREMIERE: September 24, 2015


There have been a lot of rumours going around about Stana Katic not coming back for Season 8 because of you know... the previous season finale. Well, she is coming back. So, HA! Like seriously, Caskett (Castle+Beckett, in case you were wondering) is one of my all-time favourite OTPs and I'll be super bummed if they don't get their "happily ever after". #TeamCaskettForever.

Premiere: SEPTEMBER 21, 2015


Okay, I gotta be honest: I still have to catch up with Season 6 but oh whatever I am so excited for Season 7. Ofcourse, my friend already spoiled me about what happens in the season 6 finale but I can't wait to catch up. I want me some more Damon Salvatore and vampire badassness!

(Please don't watch the promo below if you haven't watched the previous seasons because *cough cough* SPOILERS.)

PREMIERE: October 8, 2015


Confession: The last season I watched was actually Season 8. Yes *sigh* I still have 2 more seasons to catch up with and I will, fo'sure. I shall be reunited with my Dean and Sam and Castiel and Crowley soonish!

PREMIERE: October 7, 2015


My sister got me the first 3 seasons couple of week back. She's been forcing me since forever to watch OITNB. Although, plot twist: it was me who had actually recommended to her first! I MUST finally start this show 'cause I've heard nothing but great things bout it.


I have never watched Gilmore Girls. Ever. Yeah I know, it's supposed to be one of those classic TV shows everyone should've watched. Err but I didn't even know about the show until I started using GIFs in my post. You know, the famous "It's a religion. It's a lifestyle" quote. Must. Watch. It. Now.


Is it possible to love an actress even though you've never watched any of their shows? This is basically me gushing about Mindy Kaling. I love her! No, I haven't watched The Mindy Project but hey, I've seen all her interviews and I may have also read a few chapters from her book. And stalk her on Twitter/Instagram. She's amazeballs and so hilarious! I love her. And I'm so excited to finally start The Mindy Project YAYAY.

Told ya, I'm gonna really unsocial for the rest of the year. Goodbye, universe. Goodbye, mankind. See you soon.

P.S It's my birthday tomorrow (October 12) and I'm turning 20. Just sayin'.

How many of these shows do you watch or plan to watch? Tell me what's on your to-watch list this Fall in the comments below.

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