October 01, 2015

One Year Bloggiversary :: Ask Me Anything

My little baby blog turned one today and I'm so happy YAY YAY YAY.

I would have posted much sooner today but ehh you know, college + extra classes takes forever.

But but but the most important thing is that One Tiny Wish completed one year today. I've been very lousy with my blog this year but I'm still so so happy that my blog and YOUUU - my awesome readers who stuck around with me - have come so far together! #ProudMammaMoment

I am beyond happy right now. Like absolutely totally jumping-on-the-moon kind of happy! I'm rambling. I should stop rambling.

Even though technically I've been blogging for almost 3 years now (my old blog included), it's a whole different feeling to have reached this milestone here right now.

I love how welcoming the whole blogging community is. I've met a bunch of amazing wonderful bloggers since I started blogging and everyone has been nothing less than supportive.

But I suppose I should give a special shoutout to these 5 bloggers. I am not even ashamed to say that I stalk them (and their blog) regularly: Noor, Areeba, Danielle, Jade, Jessica. I love these ladies very very much, and if you don't follow them, believe me you should!

And ofcourse, my readers. I love you guys to the moon and back. Thank you for hanging around even if I've been a shitty irregular blogger lately LOL. No but seriously, thank you. I adore each and every comment and the emails that I've received so far.

So in honour of my one-year bloggiversary and me turning 20 in exactly 11 days from now (October 12) I have planned a little something to share my love with you guys.

I will be a making a Q/A vlog to answer all your questions and to help to get you know me better and ofcourse, see the person behind this person aka YOURS TRULY.

To make a vlog is actually on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list and I've wanted to make one for a long long time. I would've but I'm really camera-shy (in case you didn't know). But lately, I've been playing around with my camera, tinkering and editing and I think I'm finally ready for it!

Long story short: if you have any questions for me - ANY QUESTIONS (funny, weird, silly, creepy, life, college stuff, Kolkata, personal, favourites, films/TV shows, fictional crushes, celeb crushes, food stuff, blog stuff - you get the point), then leave it in the comment below.

Or, you can tweet/DM me your question(s) on Twitter.

Or, you can leave your question(s) on this photo/ DM on Instagram.

Or, you can email me your question at: hellodyuti@yahoo.com

The Q/A vlog will be posted on October 12, 2015 aka on my birthday. 

I refuse to believe you're not least bit curious about me or my life or my blog or my weird creepy habits/favourites etc etc. I'm only half-kidding. But seriously, ask me?

I'll be looking forward to your questions. Until next time, Happy October!

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