August 02, 2015

Blogging Break: What I've Been Up To Lately

I'm feeling so relieved after writing yesterday's post on my super-long 5 months blogging break. Thank you so much for the extra love I received on my post and social media. It totally made my day guuuys! *bear hugs everyone*

Since obviously a lot of time has passed in between, I thought of bringing you up-to-date about all the stuffs I did since March.

[+] I completed my Second Year of college. I'm officially a Third Year student now. This is my final year of college. I'm graduating next Spring and I have no idea what to do next. Also, I read Julius Caesar, The Mayor of Casterbridge and Arms & The Man for English this year. AATM was definitely my favourite!

[+] I also finished Junior French. I'm very much a Senior now, but I still can't speak French for shit. Merci beaucoup (that's Thank You in French).

[+] I finally started watching Game of Thrones. But I stopped halfway into Season 4 because ugh exams. Can't wait to catch up with rest of the seasons.

[+] We are planning to visit Kashmir this October. I'm so freaking excited about it because Kashmir has been on my travel-wishlist since forever. October, come sooooon.

[+] I rearranged my Fantasy shelf. It's 200% not weird that I arrange my books my genre (not weird, right?). Anyway, I've got too many fantasy books, not enough space and even more books coming in the mail everyday. So cleaning the shelf was a must! #FirstWorldProblems

[+] I tried to recreate the cover of Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. It was actually for a Instagram contest. I chose this because duh I'm so lazy, but it was so much fun. Maybe I should do it again!

[+] I read a lot. Since I wasn't blogging anymore, I spent all my time reading. All the books you see in the photo and many many more. My 2015 Goodreads Reading Goal stands at 36/60 (60%) yay! Also, I bought A LOT of books and now I don't know where to fit them!

[+] I became highly active on Instagram. I might have gone totally off the blogging radar (including Twitter) but the only social media I still used was Instagram. So here's a quick heads-up. Next I go MIA again, find me on Instagram!

What have you been up to lately?

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