August 01, 2015

5 Months Blogging Break + New Blog Design

Hello, August. How have you been?

Wow... 5 months. *awkward pause* I suppose this is the part where I should explain about my whereabouts.

So yes, I've been MIA since March (blogging twice in March/April/May doesn't count). It was a rather long blogging break but to be honest, I was actually burnt out from blogging - there, I said. Hence, the hiatus.You know, life happened! No really, I was juggling with my college and exams and blog and life, and suddenly a point came when it had become too difficult to manage all of them at once.

I thought, well... if I pushed a bit more, maybe I can handle it. But ofcourse, I'm an idiot because I ended up having to choose between my blog vs. everything else. I picked the latter!

So in May I decided to take a break from my blog until... I figured some stuffs out.

It was so refreshing not having to worry about my blog in the past few months. I won't deny it. I stopped worrying about my stats dropping totally (it did, by the way!). Or thinking about what I'm going to write about next. I stopped reading other blogs too.

I felt free having gone off the blogging radar completely.

But I missed blogging. I missed writing and talking about things I love. So here I am again. But first, I knew I had to give my blog a little makeover because honestly, I was fed up of it. So I started working on my new design. This is not much, but I like it much better than the previous one.

I'm in a rather summery mood right now (although I hate summer). So I decided to combine yellow, coral red and deep pink in my new theme.

I'll try to blog atleast 2 times a week (depending on how crazy my college schedule is now). But I do have a few fun things planned out for the coming weeks.

I'll try to make up for the lost time months, but I'm gonna take it slow now. Definitely don't want to have another breakdown. *laughs hysterically*

Hopefully, you'll stick around.

Until next time, rainy goodbyes from Kolkata! 

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