May 01, 2015

Fandom Friday: I

Hello. Wow it's May already. I feel like time is going by a bit too fast. Oh no wait, that's my Second Year final exams knocking at my door. Don't mind me, I'll be off studying again.

But today is Friday which means - *tada* our first Fandom Friday post. Again, this is very ironic because I introduced this series err in March and this is my first Fandom Friday post (well technically, second).

So let's get on with it...

1. My favourite Grey's Anatomy character died and I don't think I'll ever recover. Yes, people - Dr. Derek 'McDreamy' Shepherd. If you don't watch Grey's Anatomy, well good for you. If you do but you haven't watched that episode yet, listen to me - turn off your TV/computer/laptop. Don't watch it. I'm saving you from a lot of heartbreak. Just don't!

2. Warner Bros won the film rights for the Selection (series) by Keira Cass. Woohoo! I hope they cast a good Maxon and America. If you haven't heard about the Selection (series), well you can read the blurb here. It's basically about a royal marriage where the prince gets to choose his bride from a group of girls. And our heroine - America Singer - if one of the chosen girls.

3. Dominic Sherwood has been chosen to play Jace Wayland for the TV show Shadowhunters, which is based on The Mortal Instruments (series) by Cassandra Clare. I never heard of him before. So I googled him and oh well, he is the actor from Vampire Academy (film). I hope he makes a good Jace because Jamie Campbell played him really well in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (film).

4. Dr. Who will finally be telecast in India. I've heard such great things about the TV show and I absolutely can't wait for it to start.

5. I took the "Which Harry Potter villain are you?" quiz and I got Lucius Malfoy. Seriously, you HAVE to take the quiz and share your answer in the comments below. RIGHT NOW!

And well that's a wrap for this week's Fandom Friday. We shall meet again soon. But if you want to follow my fangirling "real time" go follow me on Instagram.
Until then, share away your thoughts.

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