April 26, 2015

The Earthquake - 25.04.2015

Hello. I hope everyone is safe and well (wherever you are). I just wanted to make a quick update today (even though it's been a month since I last posted).

We are still reeling from the earthquake that happened yesterday in Nepal. But we felt the tremors for more than a minute in Kolkata too. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must have been like for them, how terrifying it must have been.

It was a very cloudy morning yesterday just like it had been for the past couple of days. Our apartment is just by the railway track, so sometimes when the trains pass, my bed sort of shakes from the vibration.

I was lying on my bed feeling feverish and reading a book. It was around 11:40-11:45 maybe. My bed started shaking and I remember staring at the fan overhead which was swinging wildly. At first I thought, maybe it's the train. But everything kept shaking and swinging on and on.

I called for maa telling it might be an earthquake. She thought my fever was getting worse, I was dreaming perhaps. I think she lost her footing from the dizziness and baba complained of it too, when we became sure that it was indeed an earthquake.

When the tremors stopped, maa went out of our first-floor apartment to confirm this "feeling" with the other families. It was definitely an earthquake. Many of them had ran out the moment the shaking started. I think we were too dazed to even act.

Soon, it was all over the news channels. We learnt the earthquake originated in Nepal. We learnt about the destruction and the havoc and all the people who lost their lives

We experienced some tremors again for a few seconds at noon today, but they were mild compared to yesterday's. The news says it was the aftershock and they may continue for a while.

I honestly don't want to think much about it or what awaits us. I've had enough crazy with the earthquakes and rain and thunder to last me a lifetime.

All I want to say is that I share my deepest condolences with the people of Nepal. It is extremely unfortunate what has happened and still might be happening. I am certain Nepal will survive this. My heart and support goes out to all the victims and families who lost their loved ones.

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