December 28, 2014

Best Blogging Moments 2014

2014 has been such a roller-coaster ride for me. I had some pretty good moments and some equally crazy bad ones. But if I were to describe this year in one word, I'll say "productive". Okay, maybe they weren't supertastic breakthrough moments. Neither did I stop procrastinating (I know, duh!). But honestly, I feel really good about the things I did this year.

So for the next 3 days, I'll be posting a "Best of 2014" roundup of all the things I've done so far. But first, let's talk about blogging. *cue belly roll*

[+] The Stilettosaurus being shortlisted as one of the Top 5 Fashion Blogs in India for BlogAdda Blog Awards 2014 (January)

For those who don't know, I used to blog at The Stilettosaurus (earlier known as Stilettos & Tequila) for 2 YEARS before I quit it and set up One Tiny Wish this year. Anyway, it was such HUGE milestone for me. The weirdest part was, at first I didn't even know I made to the list. It was only after another blogger congratulated me over email when I found out about it. Although I did not win the final award for "Best Fashion Blog in India" I'm still very very proud of it.

[+] I made it to Social Samosa's list of 20 Indian Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow For Style Tips (July)

It probably isn't very mention-worthy, but it still holds a lot of value to me. Up until then I was pretty confident I was completely INVISIBLE to the readers of India (I still am, no kidding!). So you can obviously imagine my surprise when I saw my name up there with the super-biggie bloggers of India. Yeah, I was ecastatic.

[+] I set up my new blog One Tiny Wish. Finally! (October)

You have no idea what a hard decision it was for me. I was a big blob of confused mess. Literally. It took me way too long to finally decide that it was about time I start afresh. I needed that. But I was scared out of my mind. I kept asking myself if it was a wise sane decision. Of course it isn't. I was about to quit the blog that took me 2 FREAKING YEARS to build and polish. But well, here we are. And even though it has been a rocky start, I am proud of my decision.

[+] I met some aca-awesome bloggers

I probably wouldn't have met these people if I hadn't.... umm wait, I don't remember how I found them *smacks on the head*. Anyway, so I'm just going to go ahead and give a quick Christmas-y shoutout to these amazing bloggers: Noor, Areeba, Jade, Danielle, Corinne, Lauren, Shasha, Jessica and and... oh dang it. I've got too favourite bloggers- old and new. I love you all. *group hug*

[+] I joined #Blogtober14 (Blog Everyday in October) challenge

The last time I joined a Blog Everyday in a Month challenge, I failed miserably. I gave up after like... 3 days. Anyway, so when I came across #Blogtober14 I made up mind about it. I WILL do it. Now, I have to be totally honest: it was C R A Z Y. I have never ever blogged everyday in a month before. But it was so much fun! I bumped into a bunch of amazing blogs (again!). Even though I missed a couple of days, I ended up with 27 out of 30 posts. YAY! *pats in the back*

[+] I designed my blog by myself

I know, I know, the design isn't really umm.. spectacular! But I still love it. I've never done it before and it was the first time I was dabbling with all the codes and graphics and everything. So yes, I was very happy with the end result. It isn't perfect, but I like it.

[+] 20 lovely Bloglovin' followers

It's been 2 months since I started One Tiny Wish , and the fact that I even have 20 followers is huge. I know what you're thinking, that's slow. But but... I'm still so glad. It's just a tiny reminder that maybe I'm not such a bad job afterall, am I?

A quick note: I'll be going on a little vacation with my family tomorrow. We'll be spending the New Year at the beach and won't be back till January 2. So the next 2 posts are auto-scheduled to go live because I probably won't have access to the internet. That means, I might not also be able to reply to your comments. Or be active on social media either. So until I come back...

What has been your best blogging moment(s) in 2014?

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