October 26, 2014

Who Would Play Me In A Movie

An absolutely honest confession: I've wondered what it might be like if anyone ever makes a film about my life. Now that I think of it, perhaps it won't be a very good movie. Maybe it will sink at the theatre or people will walk out at interval. Oh, whatever. I'm still going to go ahead with it.

As it turns out, I don't think I have any celebrity look-alike. So I'll just share 3 of my favourite actresses who I think will make a great movie version of me because umm... we share some common traits? Okay, yeah scratch that.


If I had to choose one Indian actress to play me in a film, I'd pick Kalki Koechlin. She's has such a strong personality, even while she's taking a stand for women's right and child abuse. Back to the role, Kalki has brownish hair. But I don't think that really an issue because she is a brilliant actress. And so pretty!


Okay, I'm not picking her because she has anything to do with being Indian. I think she's really awesome. Like all the way to her core. She's so witty, hilarious and oh... I.LOVE.HER. She may be obese and twice my age, but frankly, I couldn't care less.


Ellen, oh, Ellen... you had me at Juno! I cannot even begin what a big fan I am of hers. Apparently, MTV Act has published an entire article + 5 reasons why she's awesome. I couldn't have agreed more with them. She's fearless and obviously not scared to be herself. #LOVE


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Who would play you in a movie?

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