October 14, 2014

Funniest Childhood Memory

I was never big on pranks or mischief as a kid. I got pranked instead. So I don't really have too many funny childhood memories worth sharing. But there is this one particular memory that tickles me everytime. It's quite embarrassing when I think of it now. *cringe*


It was my Mamu's (maternal uncle) wedding night. I was around 10 then. We were representing the groom's side of the family (my Mamu that is). Our family and neighbours were all waiting for the cars to arrive. I remember jumping around wearing my flip-flops instead of the dressy shoe because, well... I'd change my shoe before boarding the car. It was already getting too late.

By the time the cars arrived, we all hopped in. But it was only after reaching the venue that I realized I had forgotten to change my shoe. That is, I was still wearing my flip-flops with my salwar-kameez. Shudder! You can almost imagine the horror on my parent's face. I was the eldest grandchild of the family, his eldest niece AND I was wearing shabby torn flip-flops at his wedding. WEDDING! Utter and complete embarrassment. *facepalm*

The rest of the night, I walked around bare-feet in the venue because it seemed like a better sane option than wearing flip-flops. But as you can guess, the news spread like wildfire. *ROFL*


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Now now, tell me something about your funniest childhood memory.

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