October 21, 2014

Dream Vacation

I have a tiny confession: I have a HUGE wishlist of cities and countries I want to visit. Maybe it's slightly next to impossible. But if I can even tick off atleast one from the list, I'll be a happy bird.

So my dream vacation would be Italy. As far as I can remember, Italy has always been #1 on my travel bucket list. The country is so picture-perfect: the culture, the architecture, the festivals, the river, the food... oh the food! If I ever go to Italy, I'll totally live there for a month (or more if needed). I'll be off exploring as much as I can. With or without any company.

I'm going to ride the gondola; visit as many churches, museums and monuments as I can; eat LOTS of pizza and panna cotta (among other Italian dishes); and and and...

Okay, I'll stop for now because I'm already swooning. Do you see how badly I want to visit Italy? It's so colourful and dreamy and... oh, beautiful! *gasps*


** This post is a part of Blog Everyday in October (#BLOGTOBER14) Challenge hosted by Helene in Between and The Daily Tay.

What's your dream vacation?

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