October 27, 2014

A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear 10-year-old Somdyuti,

Oh hello there, little me. I'm happy you're living life in your own rhythm, falling and healing on the way. I know how you always get bullied by those meanies because you can't fight back. But hey, don't worry. This will pass. You know why? Because in a few years, you're going to amaze them by the person you'll become. So yay!

Yeah yeah I know how much you suck at maths. But you know, you can't hide that test paper from your parents forever. You NEED to get it signed. Even if you got 2/10. Maa will be furious no doubt, but you HAVE TO tell them. Else here's what will happen next- you don't tell them, the teacher writes a complain letter, your parents find out, there's a guardian call and a lot of ugly mess. Seriously!

Also, tell you what: that girl you call your best-friend now is nothing but bad news. So is rest of her clique. They'll never be there for you when you need them. It sucks, I know. But you're going to make a lot of amazing friends as you grow up. Real friends who'll always stick by you no matter how crappy the situation is.

Oh and don't worry too much about being the "talentless dumb" kid. You'll find your "thing" soon. To be honest, your memory kind of makes me cringe now. But whatever. Just be yourself. Always. There are people who loves you for YOU. Even the really annoying bits. So umm... here's to being yourself and growing up. Cheers!

19-year-old Somdyuti


** This post is a part of Blog Everyday in October (#BLOGTOBER14) Challenge hosted by Helene in Between and The Daily Tay.

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