October 23, 2014

5 Insta-Awesome Photo Editing Apps I Love

I love a good photo. Be it a fish, sunset or a portrait. I love bright, crisp pictures that erm.. speak (not literally, ofcourse). I think it's partly why I'm always curious to know what apps, software or camera other people are using. Pfft... if only I could take half as decent a photo that isn't blurred or just bad. But ofcourse, once in a while a photo turns out to be surprisingly good.

So today, I'll share my favourite photo-editing tools that have saved my life photos more than once.


Picmonkey: Picmonkey is #1 on my list of photo-editors. It is has everything one can ask for. I love its filters, fonts, frames, themes and overlays. I basically use Picmonkey for all my editing. You see my blog header and sidebar? Yeah, it's all Picmonkey. #love

PhotoScape: Another favourite of mine is PhotoScape. The editor is free to download. I use it for all basic adjustments: cropping, brightness, contrast, sharpness, exposure, saturation and everything. It's really quite handy.

Ribbet: Oh, Ribbet. I love Ribbet. It's an online collage-maker. Just upload your photos, select a layout and tada! You can add filters, texts and everything else too. But I prefer editing on Picmonkey. So I just download my collage from Ribbet and take it from there.


Pixlr Express: When it comes to editing a photo on my phone, I always use Pixlr Express. It has everything from basic adjustments and adding filters to beautiful bokehs, texts and overlays. Oh, and it's free to download. #winwin

Photo Grid: I think everyone is familiar with Photo Grid. It's a collage-making app. The best part is Photo Grid allows you to make any kind of collage. Be it for Instagram or anything else. Plus, you can add really cute borders outside your photos.

[+] Since we're talking about Instagram, can I say that my favourite filters are Valencia, Amaro and Nashville. Okay, I'll stop now.


** This post is a part of Blog Everyday in October (#BLOGTOBER14) Challenge hosted by Helene in Between and The Daily Tay.

What are your favourite photo-editing tools?

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